Taking advantage of the industry 4.0 requires professionals to consider a few elements in their manufacturing processes: versatility, ease of use, productivity. Enabling these elements has been the challenge of Wasp.

The Italian manufacturer has already demonstrated its expertise in a wide range of industries: large format 3D printing, construction 3D printing, to name a few. With this industrial line, the company wanted to enable the use of several materials, which is not always easy when it comes to large format printing.


With this new 3D printer, a set of new features has been integrated in order to make this experience friendly for users: touch screen, on-board video tutorials, self-calibration, remote assistance.

Ease of use

Thanks to the Video tutorial on board, the user can be guided throughout the use of the machine. He can also manage the printing process from his computer using the Wi-Fi module, or print both via usb and a SD card.  Not to mention that the Live view camera enables remote inspection of the current print and time-laps.


As far as productivity is concerned, according to the manufacturer, its 3D printers are reliable and enable the production of quality objects at a very good printing speed.

Of course, the highly appreciated rescue system of the work done, remains in all the machines: End-filament sensor, Free-Z-System, Resurrection System.

Lastly, this line was recently showcased at Formnext and now comprises the smallest 3D printer Delta WASP 2040 Industrial 4.0 that goes alongside with the Delta WASP 4070 Industrial 4.0 and the Delta WASP 3MT Industrial 4.0.

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