This news round-up covers the milestones achieved at T3D, PostProcess, 3D Printz and America Makes in the 3D printing industry.

The LCD 3D Printer that prints 10cm Per Hour

 Taïwan-based 3D Printing & electronics company T3D launches a High-Speed 3D Printer. Since the launch of its mobile 3D printer three years ago, the start-up has remained in stealth mode until now.

The latest device in its portfolio will be showcased at the upcoming Taiwan Innotech Expo event on September 24.

The High-Speed 3D Printer can print 10 cm per hour in order to speed up the process of 3D printing, and with the use of T3D’s resin and special fep film, it can print continuously throughout the process. It delivers a precision accuracy 47 um and enables users to achieve high productivity with the help of an advanced software.

T3D aims at making 3D printing much easier for consumers. Its 3D printer also comes with its own app. Users can now search for a variety of creative works from its cloud gallery, and start printing their masterpiece right away. Lastly, users can create beautiful models in the T3D app with all kinds of mobile phones without worrying about corrupting files.

Empire Group achieves time & costs savings by combining its SLA 3D Printer with PostProcess Automated Resin Removal Solution

Service Bureau Empire Group has adopted PostProcess automated resin removal solution. The company has been utilizing 3D printing since 1999 but still relied on manual resin removal process for their SLA 3D printing technology.

With the goal of keeping their additive workflow moving smoothly, the service bureau has decided to give PostProcess™ DEMI™ resin removal solution a try. The device integrates a proprietary SLA-formulated detergent and is powered by DEMI software that users need to integrate into their workflow. As a reminder, apart from SLA post-printing, the DEMI solution is also compatible with resin technologies like DLP and CLIP.

Empire has removed the need for excessive manual labor, as well as harsh and flammable solvents, during the post-printing process. This optimization of their workflow in the ways that matter most leads to time and cost savings across the board.

Bondtech & 3D Printz sign 3D printing partnership

3D Printz has expanded its products portfolio through a distribution agreement with Bondtech. The announcement follows a former distribution deal signed between 3D Printz and Monoprice for the UK.

Bondtech is a Swedish company that develops, designs and manufactures unique dual drive extruders that eliminate the risk of grinding, slipping, filament deformation and under extrusion. Using two counter-rotating drive gears, the Bondtech extruders grip and push the filament from both sides for a secure and stable filament feed. The result is a reliable, more precise and faster printing process. The company already supplies its extruders and other innovative 3D printing products to more than 50 countries through a network of distributors and resellers.

We’ve taken great strides over the past few months to widen our offering, as part of our desire to provide a one-stop-shop for all 3D printing needs”, Peter Roberts, 3D Printz director said.

America Makes unveils new project model to drive collaboration and innovation within the AM space

America Makes launches four new project calls today which will accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing (AM) and offer a new way for the supply chain to engage in the Institute. With $2.1 million in awards, several actionable focus areas are aligned to each project call including materials data, process monitoring, data management, education and workforce development, and AM for hypersonic applications.

Each project call has a unique set of topics and submission requirements. Further details on them can be found here and will be presented at the America Makes Technical Review Exchange (TRX), being held virtually August 4-5.

  • The Open Project Call will leverage collaboration and perspectives from the existing America Makes membership, working groups, and Roadmap Advisory Group (RMAG). The goal for this project call is to create actionable focus areas to address the needs of the membership and its stakeholders.
  • AM for Hypersonics Project Call will accelerate the maturation of additively manufactured high temperature metals which offer potential to impact cost, performance, and lead time for hypersonic capabilities. AM has been identified as key to timely fielding of hypersonic capabilities and addressing shortfalls of traditional manufacturing processes which are often costly, low-yield, and labor intensive.
  • Member Driven Rapid Innovation Call will seek to address immediate and readily actionable needs identified by America Makes members. The Rapid Innovation Call will allow the Institute an agile framework to adapt to the evolving challenges of the supply chain via direct input from the membership. Full details will be available on August 4.
  • Government Driven Rapid Innovation Call will follow the same process as the Member Driven Rapid Innovation Call, except it will gather needs from government stakeholders

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