How Finfrock will make use of advanced manufacturing & 3D modeling to deliver components

Finfrock makes use of Conquest Firespray’s services and will insert the company’s Flamebar ducts into its precast/prestressed concrete components during the manufacturing process.

The first step for Finfrock was to integrate plumbing and electrical systems into the components during fabrication However, fire-rated shafts installed after assembly of the building, would have led to cost and risk.

The collaboration with Conquest enabled the company to implement a system to insert Flamebar fire-rated ducts into the floors members, eliminating by this way the need for fire-rated shafts. By incorporating the Flamebar fire-rated ducts during the manufacturing process in a quality-controlled, factory operation, the building owner is assured of a code-compliant system, while FINFROCK speeds the delivery of a complete building by combining its vertically integrated business model and offsite construction.

Finfrock provides cost-effective, and delivery of various types of multi-story buildings. By using 3D modeling design technology, and CAD, FINFROCK was able to achieve precast concrete structural systems that incorporate key subsystems into the structural components. The result is unparalleled value for multifamily housing, hotels, office and mixed-use buildings with early, accurate prices and guaranteed on-time delivery.

Conquest’s Flamebar ducts offer FINFROCK a feature that they had not been able to include in their building system until now,” said Conquest’s Dick McCullough. “Working with Conquest, FINFROCK can now offer a system that is complete with pre-installed fire-rated ducts, increasing schedule certainty and driving down costs.

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