Just like others sectors, the energy sector presents its challenges. The reduction of capital expenditure across a variety of sectors and the capacity to simplify and speed up the supply chain are some of them.

image: Energies & Environnement

Additive manufacturing might address these issues in both conventional and unconventional energy fields. Research and Markets, that carried out the report focuses on existing research, which has developed products for energy applications and future products which can significantly boost efficiency, lower capital and operational costs, and reduce the time to market for energy companies.

The redesign of energy product supply chains allows for local manufacturing at (or near) the client location to become a reality. This entails not only the faster replacement of components, but also the introduction of newer and lighter materials. With an increasing push from product manufacturers and the increasing adoption by energy companies, several new standards and regulations are expected to come into place in order to integrate Additive Manufacturing into the energy industry. With Additive Manufacturing reducing product costs by 40% and the time to market by one-third, it is expected to make a significant contribution toward the energy industry in the future.”

The landscape of companies specialized in this area is broad. However, key sectors have been represented by companies: major utilities, oil and gas exploration and production companies, oil and gas service companies, as well as the established technology OEMs, SMEs, and start-ups. Some of the key participants in this space are ENI, EnergyX, GE, Halliburton, Shell, Siemens, Utilight, and Verterra.

Research and Markets replies to this question in its report.

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