Image credit to Hilos, design credit to Ancuta Sarca

Bridging generative design and the production line

On the heels of the launch of the Studio platform for on-demand 3D printed footwear, HILOS unveils a new product creation platform to the public. Described as the “first generative design software to leverage AI models trained on 3D footwear”, Studio OS would turn concepts into wearable realities with speed, flexibility, and control.

Empowered creatives across the skill spectrum can rapidly iterate ideas with smart and intuitive workflows, transforming text prompts, sketches, or mood boards into 3D computer-aided design (CAD) models ready for manufacture. Notably, Studio OS is capable of detecting and separating shoe parts into distinct layers, allowing granular control and regeneration at the component level. From prompt to product, wearables are launched into the market in as little as 90 days and produced on-demand using sustainable methods of make.

This chapter follows naturally after the launch of HILOS Studio at Art Basel Miami in 2023. The HILOS Studio platform allows independent brands and designers to achieve a product range from technical outdoor to high-heeled luxury with minimum order quantities (MOQs) of 100 pairs. LA-based Unknown Union and London-based Ancuta Sarca launched products showcasing innovations such as leather-wrapped 3D parts and flexi-rigid printed polymers—all within ten weeks.

At Alcova for Milan Design Week, HILOS showcases a collection of never-before-seen products made with Studio OS at the extraordinary 19th-century Villa Bagatti Valsecchi. The exhibit occupies a space of fantasy where digital and physical worlds meet head-on across a ceremonial red carpet. In this exhibit, shoes emerge from giant sand dunes of raw material, evoking the tephra fall from active volcanoes. A double arch colonnade bifurcates the room, with the back-of-house space inspiring more technical curiosity through craft and play. Attendees are encouraged to touch and interact with objects and materials, being the first to test drive Studio OS.

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