HILOS unveils new Studio platform for on-demand 3D printed footwear

Legend: HILOS Studio launches with a luxury sandal by Unknown Union. Credit: HILOS

This service marks a significant expansion beyond women’s fashion footwear to a creative industry platform for on-demand footwear that achieves a product range from technical outdoor to luxury.

HILOS Studio, a new service launched by footwear brand HILOS, will provide brands and independent designers with on-demand footwear. Through this high-mix, low-volume supply chain for on-demand footwear, the company remains true to its goal to support a wide selection of low-volume runs using AM.

24 billion shoes are made every year. One in five go straight to the landfill. HILOS is changing the way the world makes shoes, fostering a future that brings technology together with sustainable craft for the sake of meticulous artistry without waste. 3D printing is shaping the future of craft with unprecedented levels of customization, enabling intricate and complex designs that traditional methods struggle to achieve. With HILOS Studio, brands and independent designers are able to use HILOS technology to design and develop footwear for that future, on-demand and without waste, the company said.

The platform is the first tangible product the company launches ever since it receives funding from VC firms & former Nike Execs.

Jonathan Cheung, former Head of Design & Innovation at Levi’s, has been a long-time advisor to the company. He was joined this year by Eric Sprunk, former COO of NIKE, now on the board at HILOS, Greg Bui, former VP of Global Manufacturing for Footwear at NIKE and James Carnes, former VP of Strategy and Innovation at Adidas. Alex Valdman, former Creative Director of Rapha and Allbirds, and Cooper Gill, former Creative Director at Arcteryx, led creative direction, while Christopher Morency, former Chief Brand Officer at Vanguards Group, led market strategy.

Legend: HILOS Studio launches with a luxury sandal by Unknown Union. Credit: HILOS

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