In the recent years, 3D printing has gained a lot of popularity in the world and to be more specific, in the sports world.

Most businesses have been using this state-of-the-art technology to test the prototypes they have developed and this has had a very big and positive impact in the sports world. Companies like Nike and puma have put this technology into test and have come up with brilliant sport shoes that have been proven to oversee maximum performance of the athletes.

So, what are the benefits of this technology to the sports industry and how does it benefit sports men and women?

  1. Customization

Certainly, each and every athlete would want a boot, a short, a glove or any other sports wear or equipment made according to his or her specifications. Thanks to 3D printing that now this has been turned into a reality. The biggest challenge that sports equipment making companies face is each and every athlete is different, and therefore there has to be a need of diversity in manufacturing.

This has been well taken care of by additive manufacturing. Companies can now customize shoes and other sports equipment depending on what their customers want. A good example Is the sporting giant Nike. Recently so many sports men and women have signed for this company and are getting quality stuff that has been made and tested through 3D printing. For cyclists, they can comfortably have their own custom made gloves. The best side of this technology is that it has also helped a lot the disabled athletes. Recently I witnessed a disabled athlete put on her customized 3D printed gloves.

This has helped improve the performance of the athletes to greater heights.

  1. Affordable and very accessible.

3D printing has this ability of creating a lot of sports equipment which means that the unit cost of production is greatly reduced. This translates to much better and affordable sportswear to athletes.

The process of designing and printing is also quick and sophisticated which makes sure that quality control is taken care of.

Its accessibility and breaking down the barriers of participation is another thing that this technology has beaten. Sports such as ice hockey that require quite costly equipment have been made easier to access by this technology.

Here are a few examples and areas in sports that 3D printing has positively impacted

  • The footwear industry has seen mass production of high quality sport shoes for the benefit of athletes. Brands such as new balance have adopted this technology.
  • The field of cycling. 3D printing has seen the production of the first ever 3D printed bike. 3D printed knee braces are now a thing too.
  • Golfers can now request for custom made golf clubs thanks to 3D printing

The above mentioned examples are just a few benefits and impacts of this technology. Without a doubt, the sports world is in safe hands and it’s all thank to 3D printing.

Guest Post is a series of interviews written by 3D ADEPT Media Team. Each interview discusses a specific topic of the industry while laying emphasis on a company’s sector of activity.