Headmade Materials qualifies two metal 3D printing materials for Cold Metal Fusion

EN: Headmade Materials has expanded its Cold Metal Fusion portfolio by qualifying two new 3D printing materials - Inconel 625 and Titanium Aluminide TiAl4822 FR: Headmade Materials a élargi son portefeuille de Cold Metal Fusion en qualifiant deux nouveaux matériaux d'impression 3D - Inconel 625 et Titanium Aluminide TiAl4822

The last time we spoke of Headmade Materials, the German company announced a project to automate its Cold Metal Fusion technology with the help of AM Solutions. Today, it has qualified  3D printing materials Inconel 625 and Titanium Aluminide TiAl4822 for its CMF solution

By this move, Headmade Materials is trying to bolster its Cold Metal Fusion support roadmap which seeks to enable mass production throughput without sacrificing part performance and repeatability. The German company showcased the new 3D printing materials at the recently concluded Formnext event in Frankfurt. 

Properties of the new 3D printing materials 

Part of the titanium aluminide group, the new 3D printing material Titanium Aluminide TiAl4822 has high oxidation and corrosion resistance properties along with high-temperature strength. This makes it suitable for producing 3D printed parts in the aerospace industry. 

Headmade Materials developed this material with Element 22,  an expert in high volume Titanium part manufacturing with the ColdMetalFusion process. As a reminder, both companies worked together on the very first application of Headmade Materials’ CMF technology.

Apart from TiAl4822, the nickel-based superalloy Inconel 625 is also one of the 3D printing materials added to Headmade’s portfolio. Inconel 625 has high strength along with high heat and corrosion resistance properties which is ideal for corrosive environments in the aerospace and oil and gas industries. 

Inconel 625 has a tensile strength of 789 MPa after heat treatment along with 38% elongation (exceeding the ASTM B443 standard) which is ideal for Cold Metal Fusion technology. 

The Managing Director of Headmade Materials, Christian Staudigel said: “We are delighted with the release of Inconel 625 and Titanium Aluminide TiAl4822 for the ColdMetalFusion standard. Our new offerings will allow ColdMetalFusion users the production of complex metal parts with superior performance and we believe this offering is highly demanded across many industries”.

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