Have you heard about Reactive Extrusion Additive Manufacturing?

Chromatic 3D Materials is one of those start-ups that develop interesting products and that are least highlighted in the industry. The company first appeared on our radar in 2017, introducing a new range of materials for AM. Over time, it diversified its offering to focus on specific 3D printing processes compatible with “exotic” materials. Its “Smooth-Mode” technology is the latest example we reported on. Furthermore, the company recently announced the development of a process called  Reactive Extrusion Additive Manufacturing short for RX-Flow™.

The new line of 3D printers for reactive extrusion additive manufacturing with thermoset polyurethanes is designed for development work and low-volume industrial production.

They are a low-cost option for manufacturers interested in testing and implementing industrial 3D printing with more durable, flexible materials than are available with FDM, SLA, and other 3D printing technologies.

Chromatic’s RX-Flow™ printers retail at roughly 25% of the price of typical industrial 3D printers. They are based on the company’s proprietary RX-AM™ materials and technology platform specifically designed for 3D printing thermoset elastomers such as 2k polyurethanes. The printers include control systems and instrumentation designed for printing with Chromatic materials and software.

Chromatic is offering monthly technical service subscriptions for purchase with each printer. Materials available for purchase include printable polyurethanes with Shore A hardness ranging from 50 to 90. Chromatic also provides custom materials with a variety of colors, hardness and special properties (e.g. antibacterial, static discharge, biocides, etcetera).

There are many manufacturers who want to test drive 3D printing with thermoset engineering materials but find industrial 3D printers cost prohibitive. Our new line of R&D printers gives them a budget-friendly way to demonstrate proof of concept and take their first steps toward industrial-scale 3D printing with new technologies like reactive extrusion additive manufacturing,” said CEO Dr. Cora Leibig.

Chromatic offers R&D printers in two sizes:

  • RX-Flow™ 3500: 18.9″ x 29.3″ x 7.63″ (479mm x 743mm x 194mm)
  • RX-Flow™ 7000: 26.75″ x 41.1″ x 7.63″ (680mm x 1040mm x 194mm)

The printers can produce up to 800 g/hr. Features include a T-track aluminum table and lead screw drive system. The printers carry a CE mark.

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