Going back to its roots: Meet Zortrax’ “large-format” M300 Plus 3D printer


Less than a month after the launch of INKSPIRE, its resin-based 3D printer, Zortrax unveiled M300 Plus 3D printer. This machine will be the third 3D printer unveiled by the Polish manufacturer this year, the M200 Plus being the first.

The manufacturer is going back to its roots with the FDM Technology. First thing you should know is that this 3D printer integrates a Wi-Fi connectivity. Just like the M 200 Plus, this one can be used as a basic production unit in 3D printing farms.

With a print volume of 300 x 300 x 300 mm, this model is interesting for many reasons such as its upgraded extruder and nozzle as well as its capacity to detect the end of material. Indeed, when it is running out of filament, it automatically switched into pause.

Professionals in the architecture, automotive and aerospace industries are the ideal target for this device who can 3D print both short series production and single piece prototypes.

Other interesting features to note include the possibility to manage your printing process remotely from your computer screen, and the possibility to observe the 3D printing process via a camera integrated inside the printing chamber.

As far as materials are concerned, the same variety of filaments used with its predecessor can be used with this 3D printer, in addition to the Z-ULTRAT.

The price of this machine will very soon be unveiled. In the meanwhile, users can already discover other specifications on the manufacturer’s website.

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