Mercedez-Benz is part of those brands that it will be hard to forget. It’s been two years that the brand has been offering replacements parts using additive technology. However, other certifications such as quality assurance were required in order to commercialize them, which the company recently got.

“Future meets Classic”

Important 3D printed replacement parts that will be manufactured are the inside mirror base for the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Coupé (W 198 model series), the spark plug holder from the tool kit of this sports car as well as the sliding sunroof rollers for the W 110, W 111, W 112 and W 123 model series.

As you may know, the AM process is appropriate for smaller quantities. The replacement parts are obviously produced if the original tools are no longer available.

In order to manufacture these parts, Mercedes-Benz Classic collaborates with Group Research in 3D printing. Technically speaking, they were able to extend the parts from engine components to plastic seals and small rubber parts.

Together, even very sophisticated and complex component parts, e.g. an instrument housing, are tested. The individual parts of the instrument housing are to be manufactured with the corresponding optimum production process.

In this case, the power-bed process was the technique used because it allows the processing of various materials such as metals or plastics. As for older parts, there are only 2D drawings available, a 3D dataset first has to be created, and afterwards these data could be exploited by a 3D printer.

This is not the first attempt of Daimler to use 3D printing. The company has a 30 years’ experience in the field. A great example of the company’s innovations in this regard is the buses that were manufactured last year thanks to 3D Printing technologies.

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