From product design to the “final surface finish”: Rösler delivers automated solutions for all stages of post-processing in AM

Rösler seized the opportunity at Formnext 2019, to officially introduce its new brand AM Solutions, the latest technologies and its new partnership with HP.

Indeed, the company’s additive manufacturing division expands its digital manufacturing capabilities with the HP Jet Fusion 5200 Series 3D Printing Solution. As a reminder, the latter includes both the manufacturing capabilities as well as the design/engineering of AM components.

As a reminder, “the division AM Solutions 3D post processing offers equipment, process technologies and consumables for the automated post processing and surface finishing of 3D printed components, be it for single piece manufacturing or volume production. The services also include consultation regarding the optimization of component designs for the actual printing operation but also for all post processing stages. The division AM Solutions – 3D printing services offers a comprehensive service package that includes the design/engineering of new and re-design of existing products, the printing of metallic and plastic components as well as machining and surface finishing, all focused on the field of additive manufacturing.”

Additive Manufacturing and its post-processing challenges

The truth is, the more companies rely on additive manufacturing technologies for volume production, the more they face challenging issues regarding high-quality surface finishes. The industry also has strict demands to meet when it comes to process safety, transparency and repeatable results regarding the post-processing stage of 3D printed parts.

 According to Rösler, these requirements can only be met through automated solutions. In this vein, Rösler’s solutions regarding post-processing do not only include unpacking, removal of support structures, removal of loose & sintered residual powder, but also surface cleaning, edge radiusing, surface smoothing, high gloss polishing and, even, the application of color dyes.

According to the specialist, these solutions delivers fully automatic, post processing with consistent and repeatable results. Furthermore, when it comes to big volumes of production, to achieve an easy process, operators can integrate Rösler’s solutions into interconnected manufacturing systems.

4 main solutions highlight the presence of Rösler at Formnext:

  • The S2 system, ideal for post processing of plastic components made with powder bed based printing methods, it stands out from the crowd due to continuous recycling and cleaning of the blast media and its ability to reclaim re-usable powder.


  • The S3 system combines high productivity and flexibility of robotic handling. The blasting machine integrates closely controlled process parameters and enables the removal of support structures and residual powder as well as surface texturing of large, complex components made from metal and plastic.


  • Thereafter comes the M3 system that enables both gentle & intensive surface finishing that also includes the treatment of complex, difficult to reach internal passages. “The machine is designed for handling one single work piece measuring up to 650 mm or several smaller components.”


  • The S1 Basic and the M1 Basic systems are probably the most affordable solutions. Their compact design and easy operation, can be quickly integrated into almost any production line.

Intended for powder removal and surface cleaning, the S1 Basic can handle different blast media and enables the addition of various accessories. The cabinet for instance, can be equipped with a rotary table or a rotary basket.

Lastly, the M1 Basic is ideal for surface smoothing and polishing of 3D printed components made from metal or plastic. This machine also features an integrated process water recycling system with suitable process controls.



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