Named CKMTM, short for Continuous Kinetic Mixing, Fortify’s new system enables new possibilities for 3D printed photopolymers.

There are some industry challenges that have persisted for decades when processing filled resins. Indeed, fiber and particle additives have been the standard when it came to enhancing polymer performance and functionality in the injection molding industry.

Boston-based startup has therefore worked on how to strengthen these techniques with 3D printed photopolymers. CKM ensures that additives stay uniformly distributed throughout the material while mitigating sedimentation and aggregation. According to the manufacturer, the system allows for the manufacturing of a new class of functional materials.

Developing Continuous Kinetic Mixingwas an integral part of Fortify’s strategy. It will play a critical role in manufacturing functional parts,” said Fortify CEO and Co-Founder Josh Martin. “We’re excited to incorporate this material handling module with our FluxprintTM process to solve the application challenges of our customers.

Our team takes a comprehensive approach to developing additive solutions,” Martin continued. In addition to advanced hardware and software systems, Fortify innovates within materials science to process viscous, heavily loaded polymers. This new class of material is well suited for high performance applications.”

The CKM process incorporates additives to enhance mechanical performance (strength, stiffness, toughness, wear, and heat deflection temperature) as well as thermal and electrical properties.

The company’s Digital Composite Manufacturing (DCM) platform would be the only industrial 3D printer to include onboard mixing (CKM) and magnetic alignment technology (Fluxprint).

The announcement follows the installation of the company into its new Boston headquarters with increased printing and manufacturing capacity.

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