Fortify, a Boston-based additive manufacturing start-up has secured $10M in series A funding led by Accel and participation from Neotribe, Prelude Ventures, and Mainspring Capital Partners. This announcement follows another seed round of $2.5M.

The pioneer in Digital Composite Manufacturing (DCM) aims to launch a Discovery Partner Program and strengthens its team for the development of its activities.

Fortify’s “Fluxprint” technology

Fortify can produce composite parts by combining magnetics and digital light processing (DLP) 3D printing in its ‘Fluxprint’ technology.

With Fortify’s patented hardware and software, users are granted control over fiber alignment throughout each printed part – allowing them to “tune” material properties for specific applications.

Fortify’s Discovery Partner Program

The program will enable some customers to take advantage of the DCM platform. The technology focus is first on injection mold tooling which enables lower volume runs and high-performance end use parts.

While these applications are not necessarily “new” to industry watchers, early Fortify users are reporting dramatic (10-100X) improvements over trials with other 3D printed mold tools. Fortify is supplying molds now to support customer applications and will ship beta machines to select partners in early 2020.

The start-up is exploring end use part applications across various sectors (electrical connectors, impellers, mixers, and specialty drones). Each of these use cases will show specific material properties allowed by Fortify’s technology.

Additionally, Fortify this year introduced the Fortify Fiber Platform, inviting materials companies and resin suppliers such as DSM, BASF and others to develop high-performance resins in conjunction with Fortify material scientists and engineers.

“Material properties are the dominant factor driving adoption of Additive Manufacturing across industries,” said Ben Arnold, Fortify VP of Business Development. “Our open materials platform leverages the world’s leading polymer chemists as they continually innovate. We reinforce these base resin with fiber as we print to gain significantly higher levels of performance. It’s quite exciting that even in this early stage of the company, we have customers buying parts for use in production applications.”

“We’ve achieved so much since our founding, and we’re eager to expand on our platform capabilities,” said Josh Martin, CEO and founder of Fortify. “With the support of our investors, we will focus on innovation, bring our technology to new partners, and grow our product offerings.”

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