New plant-based products are around the corner and they will be brought by Israël-based SavorEat, a food tech company as it ushers in the future of food with more sustainable alternatives. The fight against animal-meat carbon emissions is real and SavorEat wants to be able to provide several alternatives to the mass consumption market.

The company resurfaces today with turkey burger and pork breakfast patty alternatives; a duo that will further its protein portfolio, building on the flagship customizable Plant-Based hamburger patties, digitally cooked by its Smart Robot Chef.

The manufacturing process has always required the use of 3D printing. The team uses plant-based components in cartridges, and the plant-based fiber that holds the ingredients, resulting in the appearance of meat. The meat-like materials are formed from cellulose fibers.

SavorEat offers completely customizable smart solution, including Plant-Based products,  which streamline the supply chain for restaurants and food service operators, spearheading the change to offset carbon emissions within the food industry. The Smart Robot Chef, powered by machine learning and AI, offers restaurants a cohesive production process that reduces waste by cooking personalized patties that only produce the specified amount of Plant-based meat needed on demand. Using its proprietary web application, diners can customize protein and fat compositions and select cooking preferences to easily craft their Plant-Based meals. User preferences are stored on the cloud and sent to the SavorEat Robot Chef, which produces 3 patties in about 6 minutes, entirely automatically, a press release reads.

At SavorEat, we are passionate about offsetting carbon emissions and reducing waste, which is why we created a product that can do both,” says Racheli Vizman, CEO and Co-Founder of SavorEat. “By expanding into other Plant-Based meats, we aim to provide greater variety and customization, to empower the planet to eat differently, with healthier and sustainable options to reduce ecological impact.

“Personalized food and medicine is the next big thing, and I wanted to create better solutions” that are superior to those currently offered, she said. Her goal includes the creation of a robot chef/3D printer to “become the next microwave, a microwave that actually makes the food, in people’s home, easily, more cost-efficiently and everyone can eat how they want.”

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