FELIXprinters ensures industrial applications with the Pro 3 desktop 3D printer

The Netherlands-based manufacturer of 3D printers has recently welcomed a new 3D printer in its portfolio: the FELIX Pro 3 Desktop 3D printer.

With automated motorized calibration of the print bed, quick-swap print-head solution and fast rotation (less than 10 seconds) of print-heads in the dual head configuration, the manufacturer said it is designed for industrial applications.

Makerbot is one of the companies that recently raised attention with a desktop 3D printer capable to feature industrial capabilities. Based on the customers’ feedback, FELIXprinters the Pro 3 “has been developed to integrate seamlessly into industrial workflows, whether that is in an office, a workshop, lab or factory environment. The priority was to deliver a 3D printer that produces optimized print results — every time! This is what customers tell us is most frustrating for them in their day-to-day operations with 3D printing, and these are the issues we set out to address with the Pro 3,said Guillaume Feliksdal, the Founder and Director of FELIXprinters. “The feedback we are getting back from our beta testers is hugely impressive.”

According to the company, the new 3D printer enables to avoid issues related to other 3D printing systems. Indeed, the new 3D printer presents fast heat-up and cool-down of its printheads. In other words, this means that print times have been lowered by two.

In order to achieve more consistent extrusion of filament, the overall temperature control has been improved with optimal object cooling thanks to dual high-power blowers.

Our team at FELIXprinters all have technical engineering backgrounds, so we know that “quality in” equals “quality out”! We have sourced extremely high-quality components to ensure that the Pro series of printers are both robust and reliable – and these are the cornerstone of the new FELIX Pro 3,” Feliksdal said.


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