Makerbot is making its come-back on the 3D printing market by breaking price performance barriers and allowing designers and engineers to appreciate industrial 3D printing features in a single desktop 3D printer, Method.

Known as the company that brings a real value in fostering the adoption of 3D printing in education, the manufacturer has leveraged the expertise of its mother company Sratasys in order to combine accessibility and ease of use in this 3D printer.


Designed to provide industrial reliability, the 3D printer enables the production of consistent parts with ± 0.2 mm dimensional accuracy as well as vertical layer uniformity and cylindricity. So far, this level of accuracy was only seen in industrial 3D printers.

Method integrates a dual extrusion system combined with water-soluble PVA, which leads to a quality surface finish, according to the company, as well as unlimited design freedom and unrestricted geometries, such as complex overhangs without scarring.

Furthermore, users could turn their CAD files to parts faster by providing a seamless and reliable workflow without tinkering, up to 2X faster print speeds than desktop 3D printers. Thanks to its guide, it will be easy to install and use. Moreover, users won’t have to worry about the maintenance procedures because the manufacturer has made it automated to ensure a smooth and seamless user experience.

In an age of disruption, businesses are under pressure to innovate and bring products to market faster. Current desktop 3D printers derive their DNA from hobbyist 3D printers and are insufficient for many applications in the professional segment,” said Nadav Goshen, MakerBot CEO. “We believe that Method is the next step in helping organizations adopt 3D printing at a larger scale. Method provides a breakthrough in 3D printing that enables industrial designers and mechanical engineers to innovate faster and become more agile. It is built for professionals who need immediate access to a 3D printer that can deliver industrial performance to accelerate their design cycles. Method is developed to bring industrial technologies into an accessible platform, breaking the price-performance barrier and redefining rapid prototyping in the process.”

It took over 220,000 hours to the manufacturer to test Method. Now that it is satisfied with the system reliability, subsystem, and print quality testing, it is ready to share the 3D printer with the community. Shipping of Method is expected to begin in Q1 2019. Pre-orders are now available.


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