Fast Radius harnesses AM for the production of Curtiss Motorcycles’ electric motorcycles

Fast Radius and Curtiss Motorcycles are currently collaborated together for the production of electric motorcycles. These motorcycles will require the use of additive manufacturing processes and hybrid manufacturing processes during the production process.

From application discovery and launch to production-grade manufacturing capabilities, Fast Radius can help any company deliver new products leveraging AM processes.

Curtis Motorcyles has earned solid reputation on the market with its electric motorcycles design. The company has been on a roll lately by releasing a number of concept designs for high-power electric motorcycles, as well as prototypes to back them up.

So, this partnership with Fast Radius is very timely for Zeus, the latest e-motorcycle design of the company.

Curtiss’ mission is to ‘create sustainable, desirable, intergenerational, mean, clean, and green future-proof hot rod motorcycles,’” said H. Matthew Chambers, CEO and Chairman of the Board for Curtiss. “Fast Radius’ best-in-class hybrid manufacturing approach and operational efficiencies will enable us to deliver the Zeus 9 on time—satisfying the strong demand from our global audience.”

Zeus 8

Named Zeus 8, the motorcycle integrates distinctive V8-style battery housings and a modular monocoque frame made with aluminium and carbon fiber.

Fast Radius is taking advantage of three separate legacy and AM processes for the production of these motorcycles.

According to Fast Radius engineers’ team, Five-axis CNC milling was the ideal way to produce large parts for the Zeus 8. However, in order to get the most of it, the smaller parts require another manufacturing solution. The team combined three separate production processes, including legacy and additive methods.

Moreover, other parts of the motorcycle will only be made via AM. These parts might be the seat and handle grips.

Fast Radius produced more than 60 parts and components for the motorcycle in just 12 days at more than 95 percent yield, saving customers money, too, by eliminating the need for costly part revisions.

The partners also plan to release 100 Zeus 8 bikes in 2020. So, all enthusiasts should be ready to have theirs.

AM, a blossoming market for motorcycles

The use of AM processes and hybrid manufacturing techniques is increasingly becoming a blossoming market for the manufacturing of motorcycles.

CRP Technology for instance has made it its core business. Designers also seize the opportunity to bring new concepts to the market. Furthermore, other companies are increasingly distinguished themselves from others by the use of AM where we did not expect. KeraCel best illustrates it by delivering 3D printed batteries to manufacturers of motorcycles.

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