Farsoon has made a real splash at TCT Asia this week with the launch of several new 3D Printers.

First, the company has integrated its Flight technology in its 252P 3D Printing platform. The first time Farsoon’s Flight Technology has been leveraged in an application, it served for the production of a camera in an underwater vehicle. The technology was then processed by the manufacturer’s 403P 3D Printingsystems.

With the introduction of the Flight Technology into the 252P series, the operator can achieve high temperatures in the production process (from to 220°C (HT) to 280°C (ST), with two configurations options. The industrial 3D Printer manufacturer is responding to an increasing demand for high-performance polymer materials by offering enhanced thermal controls, temperature shielded components, and enhanced parameters in the 252P series.

R&D specialists as well as companies that are looking for small scale production can now easily take advantage of the versatile plastic AM solution.

As far as materials are concerned, it should be noted that the PA12 based FS3201PA-F powder has been added to the wide range of materials that can be processed on the 3D Printing platform. Not only the material delivers good toughness and surface quality, but its excellent plasticity makes it an economically attractive material alternative for rapid prototyping.

Our advanced material formula developed Flight Technology processing goes one step beyond for optimal detailing, enhanced durability and high reusability making it well-suited for functional prototyping and direct end-use parts in the automotive, consumer, industrial and electronics markets”, said the company.

A collaboration with Falcontech leads to the development of the FS621M large-frame metal system

In addition to new developments achieved with the 252P series, Farsoon has been working with Falcontech to develop a new industrial scale metal laser sintering system.

Named FS621M, the new 3D Printer aims to address several metal AM challenges including productivity, size constraints, powder management, process control and factory layout.

As an aerospace manufacturer, Falcontech brought its expertise in the development and series production of spacecraft components. As a reminder, the company has recently installed 50 Farsoon metal AM systems including the FS621M.

With a build platform size of 620×620mm and vertical axis of 1.1 meter, the 3D Printer can be equipped with a powerful single 1000W laser or quad 500W lasers. Furthermore, like all the company’s 3D Printers, the new system is also an open platform which delivers a high degree of control to tailor build parameters for cost-competitive metal additive manufacturing. Production quality can be ensured thanks to anadvanced dynamic 3-axis scanning system, build process controls & real-time recoating monitoring.

The FS621M’s integrated filter module features secondary circulating system and a dual-station filter design that allows for the exchanging of filters without disturbing the build process. The FS621M powder handling processes share a common powder container design which are used during loading, unloading and sieving procedures. These containers offer fully-sealed power handling, easy transportations between the stations, and safe storage of powder. This partially closed powder system allows for the capability of continuous feeding of powder to the build while retaining the ability to easily exchange and monitor powder quality’, the company explained, speaking of the system’s optimization for operational ease.

With a global presence, Farsoon keeps increasing accessibility and application for its AM technologies. At present, its next step is to increase its number of partners in China for the FS621M Beta system.

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