Named Cobalt Design, Faro’s new 3D scanner uses light patterns with a camera system to capture large areas at once, reducing the time it takes to capture data. The specialist of 3D measurement and imaging solutions for 3D Design makes it possible to combine the new solution with its recently released RevEng software platform.

The multiple configurations of Cobalt Design Structured Light Scanners are ideal for small intricate shapes and larger textured objects.

Such combination therefore delivers a one stop, comprehensive digital design solution where small to medium objects can be scanned with precision, in color with multiple levels of resolution.

The Cobalt Design scanners are ideal for prototype design, packaging design, digital cataloguing, and jewellery and fashion design, and are said to be ideal for scanning complex surfaces.

“The introduction of Cobalt Design together with the recently announced RevEng software platform reinforces our commitment to be the market and thought leadership for 3D data capture solutions across a variety of design-centric industries and applications,” commented Thorsten Brecht, Senior Director, 3D Design, Faro. “We have evaluated the 3D structured light paradigm by paralleling the development of both hardware and software, so users are able to leverage every ounce of advanced functionality of both technologies in concert.”

The main features of Cobalt Design

The main features include the acceleration of the workflow, Full Field Scanning and Full Color Digitization.

The integrated, rotational axis dramatically improves the 3D scanning process and maximizes comprehensive scanning coverage. The scan object/part itself is placed in fixed position on the axis and then the axis can be set to automatically rotate up to 360 degrees as it is being scanned. Cobalt Design™ captures millions of 3D measurement points in as little as one second with up to 3.1Mpx accuracy for small to medium complex objects.

Precise and high quality textured scans can be captured in color and delivered as realistic images that enable even more detailed representations of geometric surfaces and finishing in true to life 3D color.


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