For the first time, all EXTEND3D Werklicht laser- and video-projection systems can be powered with one single and easy-to-use software which covers all relevant 3D data input formats. EXTEND3D results from the collaboration of Spatial Corp and EXTEND3D, both companies specialized in 3D software development.Before, sets of 2D drawings needed to be produced first, as well as the production of manufacturing templates and jigs to ensure moving from a 3D CAD model to the manufacturing stage. It was time-consuming since it required to guide workers in the measurements.

Such complexity and waste of time have been improved by Spatial’s CGM Core Modeler. Indeed, the Werklicht Pro’s lasers and integrated sensors can dynamically project manufacturing data and work instructions on a workpiece, for example, displaying bolt hole, bracket, and stud welding locations.

Our previous solutions relied on an in-house developed plugin for a commercially available 3D model software solution,” said Peter Keitler, CEO of EXTEND3D. “This solution greatly restricted our ability to align and compare point clouds from scanned data and perform ray collision calculations. Moving to a solution based on CGM Core Modeler allowed us to develop our own algorithms, and as a result, achieve the performance we need for our new Werklicht Pro and Video products.

For developers such as EXTEND3D, who are creating next-generation 3D modeling applications, CGM Core Modeler enables to create, modify and query objects as well as to support visualization, simulation, and analysis.

Despite automation and robotics, some manufacturing steps still require the human touch,” said Ray Bagley, Director of Product Management at Spatial. “Communicating 3D model information to a robot is easy; communicating that same information to workers on the manufacturing floor has been difficult and error prone in the past.”

It’s definitely a great improvement that EXTEND3D brought by leveraging Spatial 3D modeling SDKs to bridge that gap.


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