Exciting step for 3DQue that installs its first QPoD unit at a materials testing laboratory

3DQue has recently proceeded to the first installation of QPoD™ at MCPP’s new materials testing laboratory.

3DQue is a Canada-based manufacturer of 3D Printing systems. The startup develops and commercializes the QPoD™. As strange as the name is, the QPoD™ is a 3D Printing unit, called by its manufacturer 9-printer.

Mitsubishi Chemical Performance Polymers aka MCPP specializes in polymer design and compounding with production facilities around the world. The polymer-based filament manufacturers produces specialty thermoplastics such as thermoplastic elastomers (TPE-S, TPV, TPO, TPE-E), functional polymers (tie resin, cross-linkable polymers), halogen-free, flame retardant polyolefins (HFFR), engineering transparent bio-sourced polymers and other types of materials.

In its print lab, the QPoD™ unit will help researchers customize hardware and software settings for each filament formulation to give end-users the best results.


The automated 3D Printing unit delivers parts 24/7 without manual intervention, and enables researchers to focus on testing materials and parts.

The manufacturer explains that its system allocates the right files to the right printer. It is capable to automatically remove parts, sends a signal to the operators while resetting printers and launching the next print job.

Even though 3DQue advocates automation, the operator would still need to know how the device functions. Indeed, 3DQue does not aim to remove jobs, only to facilitate in-house production while saving on freight, taxes and working capital.

We are very excited to be working with MCPP to test QPoD’s performance and compatibility with their wide range of materials. QPoD is a game-changer for materials and parts testing,” says Chief of Innovations, Mateo Pekic. “It is 12x to 40x faster than batch production at costs that rival volume injection molding. This means faster innovation and the ability to scale production seamlessly.”

This unit for materials and parts testing seems interesting to discover. We can’t wait for MCPP to testify the viability of the device or to see it ourselves at the next additive manufacturing gathering.

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