Evatronix unveils eviXscan 3D Optima+ M scanner for medium-size objects

3D Scanning manufacturer Evatronix has released a new 3D scanner for medium-size objects. Named eviXscan 3D Optima+ M scanner, the 3D Scanner delivers high accuracy and speed and replaces the Heavy Duty Optima model which production was ended in February 2021.

The announcement follows the recent certification of the eviXscan 3D scanner with UR collaborative robots. This is also the case for the new Optima+ M which can also be successfully used in reverse engineering, non-contact quality control or rapid prototyping due to its light, compact design and ease of integration.

Optima+ M is designed for precise scanning of medium-sized objects: roughly 7 cm to 1 m. In comparison to eviXscan 3D Heavy Duty Optima, the time of taking a single scan with Optima+ M is four times shorter and equals 1.2 seconds. Thanks to that external conditions have less influence on the process quality. The scanning area is increased (by 43% compared to the previous model): a single scan made by Optima+ M can collect measurement data from a volume of 320 mm x 190 mm x 120 mm. Despite the extension of the scanning range, the high quality of the scans is maintained. Optima+ M scanner provides a high density of scanning points (117 pts/mm2), and its accuracy ranges 0.009 mm (parameter Ps in accordance with the VDI/VDE guideline 2634 Part 2). This is the result of using high-speed 7 MPx cameras and a projector using modern DLP chipset that allow to achieve more accurate measurement results despite the increased scanning range. 

Compared to its predecessor, Optima+ M has a reduced distance between scanner and the scanned object, which facilitates the operation of the measuring device. Configuration of Optima+ M is more straightforward thanks to the elimination of HDMI cable – only USB 3.0 cable is necessary to connect the scanner to the computer. As all eviXscan 3D scanners, Optima+ M is supported in scanning process by numerous accessories delivered with the scanner or available as options.

We designed Optima+ M with to make it as versatile as possible in various industries”, says Szymon Ścibik, leader of the R&D team at Evatronix. “Thanks to the proper selection of components, we managed to create a measuring device that achieves high accuracy results while maintaining a large scanning area.”

eviXscan 3D Optima+ M scanner is available for demonstration and ordering now with first deliveries planned for July 2021.

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