EOS extends its AM experts in powder bed fusion technology by acquiring Vulcan Labs

Industrial 3D printing specialist EOS announces the acquisition of Vulcan Labs. The company was a spin-off company of Stratasys, whose mission is to provide new solutions on Powder-Bed Fusion (PBF) additive manufacturing

EOS new team will bring its experience into both EOS’ technical center in Pflugerville, Texas, and its ALM materials research and production facility in Temple, Texas. Furthermore, they will take in charge the development and commercialization of the new Integra P 400 polymer 3D printer. The system is intended for the production of high-quality, mid-temperature AM applications. 

Already coveted by a dozen organizations, the Integra P 400 system in only available and manufactured in North America.

Notice is to be made that no information has yet been given regarding this swap up of Vulcan Labs from Stratasys to EOS. On the other hand, another person that will have new responsibilities if the former Vulcan Labs CEO and industry veteran, David Leigh, who will now serve in the role of chief operating officer at EOS North America.

The time is perfect to join EOS and Vulcan Labs,” said Leigh. “Industrial 3D printing is still relatively new, but it has moved from the theoretical to the practical. As organizations wrestle to integrate AM into their production chain, industry-leading experts like EOS are what will make the difference between struggle or success. That success requires a stable of experts and a robust ecosystem of partners. Vulcan Labs augments existing EOS know-how and sets us apart bringing unique, high-value solutions to our customers.

Added Glynn Fletcher, president of EOS North America : “With this acquisition, we have frankly struck the AM talent jackpot. It is rare, indeed, to find such a pool of top technical talent that can immediately bring value to our customers at such a high-level. This acquisition illustrates our commitment to providing the best support for our customers, while continuously challenging the market through internal and external disruption.”

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