EOS and UseTree won the “iF DESIGN AWARD” by giving a fresh look at the EOSPRINT 2 software

EOS and UseTree, partner for UX design development have won together the iF DESIGN AWARD 2018 in the ‘Apps / Software’ category for the intuitive user interface of their EOSPRINT 2 software.

iF International Forum Design GmbH organized the iF DESIGN AWARD, one of the largest design competitions in the world. 6400 participants from 54 countries took part in the challenge this year.

 The EOSPRINT 2 software

The software integrates an intuitive and open approach. According to the jurors, it is an example of how complex processes are simplified through design.

Its open and productive data preparation tool aims to optimize build parameters for CAD data for industrial 3D printing on EOS systems.  Its users can clearly see the path the laser follows during the part build process. Furthermore, its capabilities enable to facilitate surface finish, tensile strength and build speed.

Indeed, EOS had decided to fully re-design EOSPRINT two years ago. The product manager explained that the user interface of the previous version was complex and developer-driven because it had been growing organically for more than 15 years.”

Therefore, as the company’s partner, UseTree “had to build up a deep understanding of the issues and diverging customer requirements first.” To achieve that, while considering different knowledge levels and user needs, they first analyzed the technical processes and thereafter translated them into simple intuitive sequences.

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