Endurance lasers attachments turn any 3D printer or CNC machine into a powerful laser cutter

The trick is not yet widespread but it is possible to turn a 3D printer into a powerful laser cutter using a laser attachment. Until now, one company stands out from the crowd and has made it its core business: Endurance Lasers.

Founded by George Fomitchev in 2015, Endurance Lasers makes powerful laser attachments for 3D printers and CNC machines. It also designs, builds, and delivers powerful solid-state laser add-on modules and a variety of engraving / cutting machines.

Focus on laser attachments

With over 2000 units sold worldwide, Endurance Lasers has upgraded its products over time. Today, the use of its certified products goes beyond the 3D printing community: research and donation programs with universities all over the world enable scientists to benefit from these quality products.

Technically speaking, laser attachments are compatible with most 3D printers and CNC machines and are very easy to hook.

They have been successfully tested for 48-72-hour nonstop operation and function with different output: 2100 mW (2.1W), 3500 mW (3.5W), 5600 mW (5.6W), 8000 mW (8W), 8500 mW (8.5W+), 10000 mW (10W) 445 nm wavelength that can convert almost any 3D printer or CNC machine into an engraving or cutting machine.

Today, nearly everybody has a printer at home. A laser engraver might become as popular and in-demand a device as a printer. Now 3D-printers become more and more popular and people like to improve and upgrade them. That is why Endurance Lasers has created diode lasers attachments for 3D-printers.

Using it, you can customize and embellish almost any item you wish. You can engrave on a wide range of various materials: leather, plastics, plywood, acrylic, fabric, felt, balsa, wood, stone, glass hardboard and cardboard”, explains the CEO & Founder, George Fomitchev.

Furthermore, by using a laser attachment made by Endurance lasers, users will get reliable and lifetime warranty. In addition to detailed guidance and tutorials, they can always rely on the prompt tech support, the advanced experts’ community of the brand or even its YouTube channel, should they have any questions.

The Giveaway

Makers, both experts and new comers in the 3D printing community are given the opportunity to explore the ultimate abilities of their 3D printer and CNC machine with Endurance lasers attachments.

Users are all invited to participate to the company’s giveaway and seize the opportunity to win 1 out of 4 a laser attachment. In order to maximize their chances to win, participants are welcome to do as many entries as possible.

Participants might join the giveaway by follow this link. Good luck!

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