Eccentrica’s Lamborghini restomod features titanium 3D printed parts

The Diablo Eccentrica, a restomod based on one of Lamborghini’s iconic models, the 1990s Diablo, was recently launched at a select event at Garage 21 in Milan, Italy. The company, founded by Emanuel Colombini, harnessed titanium Additive Manufacturing in an effort to “ensure superior lightness, greater rigidity, and a more precise build.”

Emanuel Colombini stated, “As a child I remember seeing the red Diablo in the first release of the Quattroruote magazine. It was love at first sight! It’s hard for other cars to leave such a strong impression on me. Later, after having had the chance to drive the GT version, I decided to pay homage to it, conceiving of a restomod company built around this project. At its essence lies the idea that the hypercar and supercar market will require a product with a more authentic soul, precisely like the sensations drivers experienced while driving these speedsters.

A design which stays true to its roots

The restomod based on the Diablo designed by Eccentrica required a careful design study to highlight the personality and stylistic features of the original model and preserve its iconic nature. In particular, the work of the design firm BorromeodeSilva has enhanced the appropriate balance between size and performance, taking inspiration from the sporty Diablo GTR.

The bodywork of the donor car was completely revised except for the windshield, which remains the same. All the other parts (bumpers, hoods, flanks, and side skirts) have been replaced with new components, providing perfect integration and greater efficiency. Everything has been enhanced by a series of eye-catching details which will not go unnoticed to an expert eye or an Italian design lover.

The vehicle’s original proportions have been taken to the extreme to highlight its aggressive look and handling, and stability, as demonstrated by the widened track both in the front and rear areas. Length and height remain unchanged, while the overhang is shorter. The overall volume of the front has been designed as a wedge which has been set in a trapezoidal shape.

The entire front end has been streamlined and cleaned up. The large extractor was inspired by the Diablo GT, while the wheelbase is more modern and integrated but preserves Gandini’s iconic arch structure. Even the side skirt has been redesigned with the inclusion of an aerodynamic fin. The window has been brought to the same level to integrate the B pillar better and create a unique form. Meanwhile, the famous scissor doors remain unchanged.

Special mention is also due to the various elements in titanium created with 3D printing technology, which ensure superior lightness, greater rigidity, and a more precise build. Another refined element of workmanship can be found in the vehicle’s grill, which has a three-dimensional form and a new design to guarantee optimal air flow. Thus, that which was only decorative before has now become an integral part of the project, contributing at the same time to the functionality and aesthetics of the car.

Additive Manufacturing allows for the inclusion of elements in a more integrated way, as is demonstrated by the Eccentrica logo, which has been directly formed inside the grill, and the lights of the license plate, which emerge from the grill when inserted into the housing.

The engine compartment of Eccentrica’s V12 car is a standout feature with its bold and unique design that showcases the impressive engineering. Currently, during the validation process, the engine is covered by two carbon covers with the phrase “Remove before flight” borrowed from aviation. These covers will later be replaced with two mobile components once the car’s technical development is complete.

Last but not least, the exterior design of the vehicle has several Easter Eggs which enhance the project and highlight the conceptual and productive capacity of the Eccentrica team. These include the tow hook, which is in the front bumper and has a contrasting colour and different finish, and the NACA air intakes located above the wheelbase, which recall bullhorns in a clear homage to the Diablo name.

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