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It’s been a couple of years that we know Dynamical Tools. The Spain-based company has positioned itself as a manufacturer of large-format 3D Printers. Today, they unveil their new branding, under the umbrella term Dynamical 3D supported by three independent branches: Dynamical Tools for their 3D printers, Dynamical Materials for Materials and Dynamical Printing for 3D printing services.

Dynamical Tools

Known for its industrial 3D printers and available worldwide, the company plans to continue its exponential growth in order to meet the global demand. We can expect further investments in a new facility to increase their production capabilities. As a reminder, this is a short video presenting the 3D printer DT600 of the company, a presentation of Pablo Palacino, CMO at DT.

Dynamical Materials

Following several partnerships with material producers, Dynamical Materials aims at providing customers with a wide range of products, all certified and compatible with their products.

Dynamical Printing

Courtesy of Dynamical 3D – Dynamical 3D printing laboratory

Another piece of good news: the launch of this 3D Printing services is followed by a new partnership between Dynamical 3D & Carbon®. Indeed, it’s hard to deliver a real 3D printing service without a variety of technologies. Dynamical Printing will not only add Carbon’s M2 printers in their manufacturing technologies’ portfolio, they will also become its production partner in Spain.  

As the company states, “Dynamical 3D is ready to [handle] big orders of 3D printed parts” while offering competitive prices compared to traditional injection moulding.

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