DWS Systems opens a new lab to push digital dentistry forward

DWS Systems launches a dedicated dental business unit to expand digital dentistry. The stereolithography specialist will deliver both lab and chairside 3D printing solutions worldwide that can quickly create high-precision dental models, restorations, and prosthetics.

Dentists and lab technicians could now create prosthetics that match the color of patients’ own teeth so that they can have a more natural look.

In order to enable patients to have prosthetics that look like real teeth, both the LFAB and DFAB 3D printers deliver customizable colored restorations using light curable composites. Furthermore, the new DFAB can effectively replicate patient-specific color gradient using DWS’s Photoshade technology to improve overall prosthetics’ appearance. So, dentists can color match and 3D print a functional patient-specific restoration in their office during a single patient visit.

The announcement was made in advance of the LMT Lab Day and Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter Meeting, February 22 to 24 in Chicago, where DWS plans to exhibit its complete range of dental products at each event. Will be showcased: the XCELL 6000PD, an automated dental 3D printer that delivers a range of dental treatments.

The two autonomous 3D printers mentioned earlier: the LFAB, designed to produce dental models, surgical guides and prosthetics for dental labs, and the DFAB, which is tailored for the dentist’s office and can quickly deliver color-matched prosthetics.

Digital dentistry

Digital dentistry is probably one of the key markets for companies which increasingly invest in solutions to expand their business.

Carbon recently signed an agreement with DENTAC and DREVE, CAD/CAM denture company and specialist in dental materials, in order to deliver 3D manufacturing solution for the dental market.

EnvisionTEC on its side partners with AvaDent to foster the adoption of digital dentures. The two companies will provide a complete digital workflow solution for digital dentures, from impressions and digital design to try-in and final restoration.

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