A funding of more than $7M to realize invisible 3D printed braces

Smartee Denti-Technology, specialized in 3D printed orthodontic solutions raised over 50 million yuan (USD $7.6M) to realize 3D printed braces. Bioventure Investment Management Limited and private equity firm CDBI Partners are part of the investors of the Shanghaï-based company.

The company combines 3D printing technology, 3D computer-aided design technology (CAD), and digital 3D modeling (CAM) technology together in the field of orthodontics.

The reality is that traditional braces are not always comfortable. Furthermore, they are not the most beautiful accessory to wear. The patient’s look also depends on the way the orthodontist installed them.

The Shanghaï-based company proposes a more convenient solution with its dental products. Smartee’s solution enables users to wear a set of customized braces which will gradually move their teeth into place. The treatment is healthy, “removable and does not affect the eating and oral hygiene.”

With the acquisition of its own 3D printer, a light-curing stereolithography 3D printer, the company increasingly expands its R&D in orthodontic treatment.

From surgery to dental trays, 3D printing technology demonstrates immediate advantages in the field of dentistry.


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