Royal DSM & Juggerbot 3D are currently exploring the use of fused granulate fabrication (FGF) in additive manufacturing applications.

The science-based company in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living is currently exploring new activities via its additive manufacturing division. Juggerbot 3D on the other hand, specializes in FGF 3D printing.

Both companies aim to develop high-performance pellet printers and materials for industrial additive manufacturing.

Fused Granulate Fabrication (FGF)

We heard about FGF for the first time, two years ago, when NorDan invested in a large 3D printer for windows & doors. Put simply, with this method, melted plastic granules are deposited on a bed layer by layer to form the part. Plastic granules are usually supplied to a vertical extrusion screw that rotates, heats and presses the granules down to a molten homogeneous plastic mass.

Despite the fact that 3D printing found its way in industrial paths, manufacturers still lack strength, stiffness, and heat resistance required for the production of large structural applications. Pellet materials aim to meet this need as they have filler ratios of up to 50%. Furthermore, the good news is that they are not limited by the constraints of some other 3D printing technologies.

As far as this partnership is concerned, once DSM bought JuggerBot 3D’s P3-44 printer, the materials producer developed new performance materials including DSM’s glass-reinforced Arnite® AM8527 (G) for this machine.  

In order to scale up industrial AM applications of this technology, the company plans to add more pellet products to its growing portfolio of 3D printing solutions.

Hugo da Silva, VP Additive Manufacturing: “The need for pellet materials and printers that are able to produce large-scale applications is evident. Working side by side with innovative printer manufacturers like JuggerBot 3D allows us to create material solutions while ensuring manufacturers have access to reliable machines. Materials or printers alone are not sufficient for OEMs to adopt the technology. That is why a smoothly running ecosystem is so critical for additive manufacturing to be accepted on the production floor.” 

A development program for those who are interested in FGF

As part of this collaboration, Royal DSM & Juggerbot 3D have launched a development program for companies that would like to explore FGF 3D printing with a key focus on the P3-44 and DSM material formulations.

The Covid-19 outbreak might slow down some activities, especially at the manufacturing level so it’s refreshing to see that some companies are currently exploring new forms of collaborations.   

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