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How do you look at manufacturing?

And here we are, super thrilled to release the March/April issue of 3D ADEPT Mag; a volume that refocuses the debate on “manufacturing”, a term which is now almost always used in “pairs” with another word: “additive manufacturing”, “hybrid manufacturing”, or even “advanced manufacturing”.  

Unlike most scenarios where we used to highlight the advantages of additive manufacturing over conventional manufacturing processes, sometimes, operators do not necessarily want to choose between the two manufacturing processes. Sometimes, they want both and even more. They want more automation, they want faster, smarter and more reliable processes, they want sustainable materials but they also know they cannot have all of that, without qualification, certification and standardization.

This new issue captures all of that, and much more.

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Exclusive features

Dossier: Can manufacturers bet on hybrid manufacturing technologies?

The purpose of “Hybrid Manufacturing” is relatively easy to understand. However, like any new technology, there is a set of challenges, there is a learning curve and there are several concerns it raises within industries. With contributions from Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies, Hans Weber Maschinenfabrik GmbH and CGTech.

Software and Hardware: The link between IoT & Additive Manufacturing

The term Internet of Things, short for IoT, has become so pervasive in industrial communication that manufacturers have (un)consciously acknowledge its pivotal importance for manufacturing without truly assessing and understanding its uses, benefits and how it actually impacts manufacturing. With contributions from Solukon Maschinenbau GmbH, Twikit, Nano Dimension & Gravity Pull Systems, Inc.

Focus on YOU Series: Evonik and its World of “Infinite 3D Printing Applications”

A lot of credit is given to additive manufacturing machines, yet the true success of an application usually depends on an underappreciated component: material.

Interview of the Month – Qualification & Certification: Their Differences & Next Challenges For AM

One usually focuses so much on end-applications that it is easy to forget that what makes an additive manufacturing-based application viable for a given industry is a pivotal end-to-end qualification and certification process. We dived into this topic with TÜV SÜD.

Post-processing: what the needs industries want to address when it comes to powder removal of 3D printed parts? Solukon told us.

 Have you ever realized that the one thing that makes manufacturers opt for metal additive manufacturing for production might also be the one that makes post-processing so much complicated?

Applications: Automotive Design for Additive Manufacturing

Are expectations not higher than reality? With contributions from Altair and Sika Automotive.

Country Focus: The Netherlands

The current reality of «printed electronics for automotive applications»

Guest Column: Speeco aims at filling the void between mass volume and out of range, exotic components in cycling by effectively implementing additive technologies.

Two (ex-) competitive cyclists, Jules de Cock and Noah van Horen have always been intrigued by factors that influence a cycling race. Together with Thom Spermon, Mechanical Engineer, they recount the experience cyclists can go through, the reasons why 3D printing comes into play, its advantages but also what they wish to improve.

Additive Manufacturing Shapers: XEV

“Not everyone wants the same thing”: Lou Tik, Founder of automotive company XEV, on the needs the company wants to address.