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With a key focus on Materials & Automotive

This edition of 3D ADEPT Mag has been written at a time when the excitement around the new season of Formula One was at its peak. As a technology-focused editorial team, that’s something we totally understand because Formula One is probably the only sport in the world that puts athletes and engineers on the same pedestal. 

Indeed, the remarkable physical strain the vehicles are put under during a race requires the cars to be built using the most cutting edge materials and processing techniques. When we only look at additive manufacturing materials especially, from design to manufacturing, choosing the right materials ensures the highest possible standard for the finished product, but getting to this product is a road with many stops.

Ensuring the material flow with a material management system, choosing the right manufacturing process, and assessing the part’s compliance with regulations through thorough quality assurance control are some of the stops on the road, and the ones we have decided to explore in this issue of 3D ADEPT Mag.

Interestingly, somewhere along this road, we realized that when they are not on a racetrack, Grand Prix manufacturers leverage their F1 expertise and race technologies to improve innovation in the production of our everyday road cars, and beyond. We have also explored their time off the racing track and how additive manufacturing technologies’ providers continue to deliver dedicated and sometimes unexpected solutions – at every (single) step of the way.

Exclusive features

Ceramic 3D Printing: the current manufacturing landscape and the business model that drives industrial applications.

2022: The ceramic 3D printing market is still considered as a relatively new segment, compared with polymer and metal 3D printing. However, increasing entrants into the field, solutions to major manufacturing challenges and a 7-fold growth for the Ceramic 3D Printing Market by 2032 are some of the items that drive the conversation around this topic today.

“Gaining a competitive edge”: Sauber Group on Formula One and their next race with Additive Manufacturing

3D ADEPT Media sat down with Christoph Hansen, COO of Sauber Technologies, to discuss the additive production of critical applications in the motorsports industry, and how these applications help Sauber Group build a technological expertise worthy to be explored beyond this field of activity.

Quality Assurance Control | Metrology and Inspection for Additive Manufacturing

At some point, along the manufacturing value chain, there are certain things that subtractive techniques’ experts do better, and that still require a lot of improvements on the additive manufacturing side. These things are for instance metrology and inspection.

Focus on YOU Series: Evonik on the development of new polymer materials and automotive 3D printing applications

Evonik discusses the development of materials in line with new industry trends, qualification and certification – and how they interplay with automotive 3D printing applications.

Software: Understanding “Materials Data Management Systems” in Additive Manufacturing

No single vendor has everything you will need to build the technology stack that will deliver against your specific needs for quality, volume, material, etc.” A pivotal topic that discuss the importance of the “geometry-process-structure-property relationships.”

OPINIONS: What more can we expect from Additive Manufacturing materials?

As AM advances, it creates new trends and new complexities that material producers continuously need to unravel. In this series, 3D ADEPT Media asked material producers various questions on different topics that create debate across AM materials users.

6 years later, ValCUN reveals the name, type of AM process they develop, its capabilities and potential

He didn’t have an answer to this basic question.” Jan De Pauw, CTO & Co-founder of ValCUN took 40 minutes of his Friday shift to share their company’s journey – and at some point, the way the company started is a fresh reminder that the only stupid question is the one that is never asked.

Sector Skills Strategy in Additive Manufacturing: Where are We?

2022 is the final year of the project and many results from the planned and performed activities are starting to become noticeable.

Interview of the Month: A conversation with Sakuù on SSBs & 3D printing: something more than just batteries