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From Promise to Action.

One of our main challenges for this edition was to find relevant questions that would avoid any form of “greenwashing”, questions that allowed contributors to share key ideas, figures and tangible actions that show how they are working to achieve their net zero emission goals. It seems easy for large companies with resources and big budgets to do this, but let me tell you that smaller companies are not lagging behind. Unlike large companies where decision-making often slows down the implementation of actions, smaller companies have the opportunity to think about a business model that takes these concerns into account from the very beginning of their venture. So no, this edition of 3D ADEPT Mag is not a set of fine words, it is an edition that shows what has already been done, what is being done and what remains to be done. It is an edition that calls for action and analysis of the type of society we want to build.

Exclusive features

Dossier: How do AM companies help tackle climate change? – Tangible actions on the ground.

This dossier discusses the reasons why climate change and sustainability issues are often addressed interchangeably within organizations. It also discusses the way each stakeholder influencing parts production via Additive Manufacturing addresses these questions. Focus on the software, materials and manufacturing perspectives. With contributions from Dr. Runze Huang, independent researcher in sustainability, LCA, and techno-economic analysis of AM, Hyperganic, 6K Additive & PolySpectra.

FOCUS on YOU Series: Guaranteed

Not only is the market filled with companies offering AM services, but confusion can quickly arise when one realizes there is also a wide range of metal AM technologies. What criteria should you use to favour one technology over another? And most importantly, how should/do you envision the future of your production with that Metal AM solution? Guaranteed provides key responses here.

Additive Manufacturing Shapers | Equinor  

How does Equinor apply an “Additive Mindset” to address climate change and sustainability issues?  Brede Lærum and Pantea Khanshaghaghi took 50 minutes of their Wednesday shift to discuss this topic and to share tangible data we were looking for.

Post-processing | Materials

Powder recovery in an AM production: What? Why? How?

Powder recovery/reuse technologies and strategies that are leveraged to save metal powder cannot be leveraged without interdisciplinary resources like post-processing technologies. This article goes beyond the expertise of material experts. With contributions from Solukon, Evonik, Renishaw. Etc.

Materials | Research

Does nature hold the answer to sustainability? A look at biomimicry and its practical use within the 3D Printing sphere.

If everything we use comes from natural resources and that natural ecosystems are often described as models of sustainability, does that mean that every 3D printed product inspired by nature is de facto a sustainable product? A conversation with Libonati Flavia, researcher and Associate Professor, at Università degli Studi di Genova.

Guest Column

The SUPREME project reveals the performance and sustainability advantages of AM component production

EPMA goes through the main results of their latest project “Sustainable and flexible powder metallurgy processes optimization by a holistic reduction of raw material resources and energy consumption”.

Applications | Materials

What 3D printing materials are an interesting choice for fashion and what is this sector’s approach to sustainability?

This article discusses the use of 3D printable materials in the fashion industry and this sector’s approach to sustainability concerns.  Words of Andreina Martinez Tancredi .


Start-up Area

How recyclable and 3D printable are metals? F3nice told us.

We will remember spring 2020 as a period of confinements that led to the shutdown of several activities around the world. For Luisa Elena Mondora and Matteo Vanazzi, in addition to the pandemic that hit their beloved country – Italy – even more than most countries, spring 2020 also comes with the memory of the creation of F3nice.

Formnext Preview

With nearly 450 exhibiting companies registered, Formnext is making a strong comeback in the world of additive manufacturing events. Below you will find an overview of some of the solutions that will be showcased by companies and that are worth a visit.