DMG Mori offers the “power of two lasers” in new SLM 3D printer

DMG Mori offers another standard to users of Selective Laser Melting. Named  LASERTEC 30 DUAL SLM, the new industrial 3D printer integrates two 600 W lasers, whose scan field would cover entire build area, while reaching build rates of up to 90 cm³/h. 

« The software automatically recognizes which scan strategy is the most efficient thus ensuring the LASERTEC 30 DUAL SLM always operates optimally and that it can be used flexibly depending on the order situation. In addition, a focus diameter of 50 µm enables a level of accuracy that is unique in this machine class”, stresses Mathias Wolpiansky, Managing Director of REALIZER GMBH and responsible for the LASERTEC SLM series.

That’s basically the biggest strength of this new system whose manufacturing has improved based on the LASERTEC 30 SLM system, unveiled last year at Emo Hannover & Formnext 2019.

The permanent filter system, another key characteristic of this machine operates on its own. With the automatic passivation of metallic dusts, it allows for further durability and work safety. Furthermore, the removal of parts can now be achieved very quickly thanks to the build area’s active cooling, which results in the increase in productivity.

The rePLUG module and OPTOMET software remain unchanged

The manufacturer of cutting machine tools for turning and milling has kept some additional features and concepts that have already proven their efficiency in the Lasertec SLM Series.

In this regard, the new machine delivers the same ergonomic Stealth design than other machines and integrates a rePLUG module for powder change.

In the same vein, still with the goal of maximizing productivity, key functions of the OPTOMET software can be leveraged here. They include for instance OPTOMET Max that enables to optimize exposure strategies and enhanced utilization of machine performance. Another function, OPTOMET Temperature Control aims to reduce residual stresses in the component due to active control of the build platform temperature.  

In the end, everything has been well thought to create constant conditions at the process level. With the LASERTEC 30 DUAL SLM, DMG Mori offer a new lever of holistic process approach, as there is a wide range of peripheral and accessory components that can be included to achieve the desired additive manufacturing process.

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