One of the challenges in CAD is the capacity to offer a perfect engineering simulation or simulation for design in a short time. Ansys recently unveiled two solutions for engineering simulation for metal 3D printing. On its side, PTC has demonstrated its capabilities to innovate by integrating new features related to the Internet of Things or augmented reality in its software.

Imagine now a collaboration between those two companies respectively specialized in engineering simulation (ANSYS) and 3D CAD (PTC). Such a collaboration results in Discovery Live, a real-time simulation solution integrated with Creo® 3D CAD software. These two solutions create an interactive design experience in the modeling environment.

ANSYS and PTC, two software specialists offer a solution with high speed  

The reality is that, issues between CAD and simulation still exist, and this solution aims at addressing them by providing a unique modeling and simulation environment. Therefore, engineers have a better visibility over the entire process of design and can better optimize the development and product costs.

Technically speaking, according to both companies, this solution will give engineers the complete functionalities of Creo once it will be integrated in ANSYS Discovery Live.

After a demonstration at LiveWorx 18, the first product planned to be delivered by the companies will integrate ANSYS Discovery Live into Creo to enable instantaneous static structural, thermal, and modal simulation.

Lastly, it should be noted that this is not the first collaboration between ANSYS and PTC. Last year, the two companies launched a solution that connects ANSYS® Twin Builder™ to the ThingWorx® Industrial Innovation Platform from PTC.

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