Image via Desktop Metal

The idea according to Ric Fulop, CEO of Desktop Metal is to take “a sinter-based production process that used to require specialized knowledge and made it accessible on many levels.”

OEM 3D Printer manufacturer Desktop Metal has developed two upgrade packages on the Shop System that would provide new flexibility, functionality, and value for its metal binder jet system.

Since its launch in 2019, Desktop Metal made it clear that the Shop System’s goal was to provide metal additive manufacturing to machine and job shops in an affordable way, without compromising on quality.

With that same goal in mind, the manufacturer wanted to improve the way organizations could explore binder jet 3D printing by providing more flexibility and control over operating costs and machine parameters. That’s what the Shop System+ and the Shop System Pro enable.

The Shop System+ package enables high-production users to access Desktop Metal-engineered powders and binders at a discount to MSRP, reducing the running costs of their additive manufacturing operations and improving their part costs to drive a faster return on investment. The Shop System Pro package is ideal for high-production users with powder metallurgy expertise who seek not only to optimize their running costs, but also to enable specific applications or cost structures by leveraging proprietary or third-party powders. This Shop System Pro package includes all the benefits of the Shop System+ package as well as additional process flexibility through new features, such as custom printing and spreading parameters and bi-directional printing for the Shop System Printer and custom sintering profiles for the Desktop Metal Furnace, a press release reads.

Key technical specifications of the Shop System includes:

  • An advanced single pass print engine
  • a binder jetting printer with 1600 native dpi resolution and 5x nozzle redundancy,
  • a drying oven for hardening green parts prior to depowdering,
  • a powder station for depowdering parts with built-in powder recycling,
  • a furnace designed for accessible, industrial-strength sintering,
  • integrated powder handling accessories and workflow,
  • Desktop Metal-engineered binders and powders, and
  • Desktop Metal software for build preparation and sintering simulation.

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