Dental 3D printing: New Carbon® Gen 2 aligner model solution would enhance the production workflow of aligner manufacturers. Here is how.

 AM company Carbon has developed a new production solution that would enable clear aligner manufacturers to reduce cost per part while simultaneously increasing throughput. Named Carbon® Gen 2 aligner, the model solution includes new proprietary software and high-performance resin that integrates with the company’s existing 3D printer and aligner model workflow.

Once integrated with Carbon’s existing clear aligner workflow, the Gen 2 aligner model solution can help aligner manufacturers to produce millions of custom clear aligners globally each month. It consists of the Carbon L1 printer, solventless spin cleaning solution, as well as API-based software that automates the hollowing, nesting, and batching of models to be printed.

Using software engineered in parallel with Carbon’s new UMA 20 resin, Carbon’s new production solution automatically hollows models. This new solution offers Carbon customers the potential to reduce material consumption by up to 40 percent per model while increasing throughput up to 65 percent with the Carbon L1 printer.

The Gen 2 aligner model solution offers aligner manufacturers new innovations while leveraging their current Carbon subscription and may lead to:

  • Decreased Cost Per Part: Cost per part is decreased by increasing throughput while simultaneously decreasing resin usage per part. Completely automated hollowing saves up to 40 percent of resin per part based on Carbon testing.
  • Increased Throughput: The automated hollowing software, paired with the UMA 20 resin, enables increased part throughput of up to 65 percent based on Carbon testing.
  • Improved solvent-free model cleaning eliminates solvent waste and allows resin to be reclaimed for future use.

“Working with the top clear aligner companies has given us insight into the barriers this industry faces on a daily basis. We heard from customers and we took action to create efficiencies and cost savings in the clear aligner workflow,” said Terri Capriolo, Senior Vice President, Oral Health at Carbon. “This new aligner workflow is designed to enable Carbon customers to reduce cost per part while simultaneously improving model throughput with a more sustainable production process.”

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