Demonstrate the suitability of spheroidized tantalum for 3D metal printing: the mission of LPW and GAM

Global Advanced Metals Pty Ltd (GAM) and LPW Technology (LPW) will share a common objective:  demonstrate the suitability of spheroidized tantalum for 3D metal printing. Given the few refractory metals that are 3D printed and made available on the market, there is a clear demand of in-depth concept and development of print criteria.

Specialized in tantalum powder technology, GAM wants to address this issue hence its expansion nof its portfolio. In its new facility, the company will manufacture powders in nodular, angular, fractal and spherical morphologies for a great number of fields. Indeed, when they are properly used, these materials can serve the medical, dental, military, aerospace industries and many more. The technique used with these materials is therefore tantalum-based additive manufacturing.

For experts, tantalum offers superior osteointegration, higher biocompatibility and reduced stress shielding with respect to current metals and alloys used for medical implants.

High Flow, High Purity Tantalum Powder

The involvement of LPW

Leveraging LPW’s laser powder bed fusion expertise, developed by viewing AM from the perspective of the powder, represents one step of our strategy to extend our offering in tantalum and other refractory metals to the additive manufacturing marketplace. We can now measure and share physicochemical data for both our spherical tantalum and the resulting 3D printed part and bring this solution to our partners, for example practitioners, designers and manufacturers of tantalum based surgical implants and other high reliability and critical devices,” said Andrew O’Donovan, CEO, GAM.

Both companies will discover the factors affecting tantalum powder spheroidization and how it performs in the AM process. Results will add assurance to metal AM producers of the material compatibility for AM production.

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