De Rigueur Designs introduces Custom 3D Printed Jewelry Line and BEZEL, Ecommerce Mobile Application

De Rigueur Designs has launched its 3D printed metal jewelry line available on the recently launched BEZEL app.

De Rigueur Designs is a company created by sisters Janine and Casey Melvin. They aim to redefine online jewellery shopping and the quality of jewels hence their use of 3D printing in the manufacturing process.


BEZEL app is an ecommerce platform that allows consumers to calculate and store their correct ring size and purchase jewelry through a mobile application. The two sisters exploit the trends in fashion and technology to offer an array of custom 3D printed jewelry including rings, charms and bracelets which can be downloaded for free on iOS through the App Store.

The manufacturing

Every piece of jewelry is created with 3D metal printing technology. The classic yet fashion forward pieces are made with durable stainless steel, then coated with innovative PVD (physical vapor disposition) plating so that the jewelry never loses its color or quality.

For each piece, consumers may choose between four different PVD finishes – each item being made-to-order with a unique serial number.

The jewellery line includes 3-Initial Signet Ring, Claddagh Ring, Signature Charm Bangle and Charm Collection. All of them are 3D printed in stainless steel coated in permanent PVD coating and available in various finishes. They also have their own specificities regarding the way they should be wore.

With BEZEL, consumers can browse designs from our 3D printed jewelry line, calculate the precise ring size and customize their design before making a purchase”, said Janine Melvin, co-founder of De Rigueur Designs.

Still in the jewellery industry, LACE by Jenny Wu launched Rhea Solitaire, 3D printed Diamond Ring as part of its 3D printing fine jewelry line; and Marie Boltenstern integrates 3D printing in her vision for jewellery.

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