Since their legalization in July 2018, for many people, the 3D printing of guns is just an unacceptable situation whereas for others, given the world we are living in, people should have the freedom to 3D print what they want, including guns. In the business world, companies such as Facebook that did not agree with this new law, have implemented new settings to remove any content related to 3D printing  of guns on its social network.

In the 3D printing community, Dagoma is one of the first companies that stands out in the crowd by strongly discouraging 3D printing of guns. Indeed, the French manufacturer of 3D printer has called for the help of advertising and marketing agency TBWA Paris, to launch a campaign that will discourage people from 3D printing guns.

How ? through “Harmless guns”

For François Claux, Creative Art Director at TBWA, “To fight the spread of these guns, we knew we needed to get to the root of the problem. These files are spreading everywhere and are easy to download; you don’t even have to use the dark web.

Image via campaign

Dagoma is currently preventing the spread of 3D gun files by spreading files of harmless weapons. Indeed, by spreading files of harmless guns, they make the real ones more difficult to access.

Furthermore, the company has developed a 3D gun files detector on its software to prevent their manufacturing on their 3D printers.

Fake gun files have already been downloaded over 13 000 times. Do you think it will discourage enthusiasts from looking for real files and 3D printing them? Dagoma does believe that and this is just the beginning in its fight against 3D printing of guns. The fight is not over yet.


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