Known as PK-6142016, this camera is born from the desire of its creator to collect on the same device the particular qualities of the different cameras he owns.

Paul Kohlhaussen is a passionate photographer and designer whose computer-aided design (CAD) skills enabled him to model all the components of this camera piece by piece, using the CAD software “AutoDesk Fusion 360“.

The camera parts are usually made of injection molded plastic or ground metal alloys. Since he did not have conventional manufacturing methods, the designer decided to go for 3D printing to produce each of the components of the Cycloptic Mustard Monster.

The precision and the quality resulting from the tools used and the time invested are specific to additive manufacturing. Notice is to be made that the printing material used is SLS polyamide. The only parts that are not 3D printed for the camera are the lenses and the bolts used to hold the case. Without the lens and the bolts, the entire camera has only eight parts, making it easier to distribute online print files.

With regards to quality, the Cycloptic Mustard Monster is capable of producing high definition photos. A few examples of pictures taken from this device provide an overview.