Constructions-3D: its first steps in Education?

If you are a regular reader of 3D Adept, then you have probably heard about Constructions 3D in a video interview carried out at 3D Print in Lyon.  The young French company offers a solution for 3D printing in construction.

Unlike most technology companies, Constructions-3D does not only build off-site, the company relies on the mobility of its 3D printer to construction sites in order to facilitate construction.

Its mobility is enabled thanks to the use of a 20 feet container. The 3D printer offers a range of possibilities in terms of printing: it might, for instance, 3D print up to 265 m2 on the floor, depending on settings. Furthermore, according to the company, the 3D printer’s robustness can easily comply with the weather conditions and mechanical constraints of the site.

On the other hand, this is no more a secret, 3D printing in construction requires a certain automation in production, enables to save time during the manufacturing process. In terms of logistics, if additive manufacturing includes the use of new materials, the technology also allows a reduction of workforce and tools in construction.

3D concrete printing in schools?

Constructions-3D at 3D Print Lyon – Images via Constructions-3D

Until today, 3D printing in education has become a reality for desktop 3D printers. Acknowledged manufacturers such as Makerbot, Ultimaker or industry leaders such as GE Additive are committed to developing STEMs in schools.

Constructions-3D follows this initiative by offering schools the opportunity to train their students in 3D concrete printing using their system. The company announced yesterday that “two systems will be deployed in 2018 in the Haut de France region.” However, further information has not yet been provided on the exact locations. #Tobecontinued…

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