Conflux Technology raises AUD$8.5 million to develop 3D printed heat exchangers

Australia-based manufacturer of heat exchangers, Conflux Technology, has secured AUD$8.5 million in a Series A investment round led by Germany’s AM Ventures and Australia’s Acorn Capital.

This funding round confirms again the growing interest investors have for 3D printing applications and not only for AM technologies. Indeed, Conflux specializes in the development of heat exchangers manufactured using metal AM. Following seed funding from AM Ventures in 2017, Conflux has serviced a geographically diverse customer base with its industry reach covering aerospace/aviation, microelectronics, automotive/motorsport and sustainable energy.

These successes provided both Acorn Capital and AM Ventures with the confidence to invest in Conflux’s Series A round.

The investments will enable us to significantly increase our capacity and capability,” says Conflux Technology Founder and CEO, Michael Fuller. “We will be increasing the number of metal AM machines and investing in the latest series-production platforms, continuing to grow our team and furthering our vertical integration with final post-processing of parts. Our transformation from research and development to a fully-fledged production facility is now in action. It’s exciting to be able to advance our offering and expedite long-held plans.

As Ben Dalling, Portfolio Manager at Acorn Capital says, “Acorn is thrilled to be partnering with Conflux Technology. We have a long history of investing in and supporting technology and advanced manufacturing in Australia, and Conflux is a world leader in additive manufacturing of heat exchangers – a critically important technology across many industries from aerospace to computing. We are very excited to be part of the Conflux story going forward.”

Managing Partner at AM Ventures, Arno Held, echoes Acorn Capital’s sentiment: “Heat exchangers are one of the biggest applications in 3D printing. Highly complex geometries enabling a more efficient thermal management in order to reduce energy consumption and waste of materials require highly qualified experts who are capable of mastering the best manufacturing technologies and software tools. This is exactly what makes the Conflux team unique in this world.”

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