Clay Line: WASP’s new materials for 3D printers

It is always exciting to discover how far a company can go in terms of R&D to discover new materials that can be used with 3D printing. Wasp is part of those manufacturers who left us speechless in terms of innovations regarding materials.

The Italian 3D printers’ manufacturer has unveiled CLAY Line.  The manufacturer has developed customized 3D printers of different sizes, that can use LDP (Liquid Deposition Mixtures). In addition to clay, those 3D printers can accept ceramics and porcelain.

The company will unveil further information about new design, new linear sliders, dedicated firmware, simplified tank feeding system, prints up to 1 meter in height during the Technology Hub in Milan (Fieramilanocity, from May 17 to 19th).

In addition to this new line of materials, The DeltaWASP 3MT Industrial will also be showcased, a printer that can use the moulded filament technology, but also the granule. It is a machine that can create large objects such as statues, furnishing accessories, acoustic cases, as well as sets of theatre-scenography. Remember the performance for the Fra Diavolo Opera at the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome and at the Teatro Massimo in Palermo.


Further information will be revealed after the event…#StayTuned


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