CIM UPC to launch a Master’s degree in Design and Engineering for Additive Manufacturing (DEFAM)

Starting October 2018, professionals can attend the Master’s degree program in Design and Engineering for Additive Manufacturing (DEFAM) launched by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Spain.

The university’s technological center CIM UPC and UPC spinoff BCN3D Technologies worked together on the course program of this master.

 Who can attend this program?

According to CIM UPC, people need to be ready for Industry 4.0 by applying and integrating all additive manufacturing techniques at all stages of their manufacturing processes.

The Master’s degree in DEFAM is intended for all professionals working in industrial companies, whatever their size, from multinationals or medium and long-term product SMEs, to start-ups with a short series niche market, as well as technology and research centres.

According to the organizers, at the end of the program, participants will be able to detect and evaluate the needs and a strategic plan for AM in all applications areas. They will be able to differentiate all types of AM technologies as well as their respective advantages and limitations. They should know how to integrate AM technologies in a product development cycle, take advantage of the cost, commercial opportunities, R&D, reorganize internal processes and many more…

Course Outline & Career opportunities

This Master’s program would be the first of its kind launched in Spain. The course outline will cover three main areas: product design, improvement of the production process and all aspects of manufacturing.

Professionals are expected to get an in-depth specialization in a specific area of the AM industry: Product and process engineer, product designer for additive manufacturing, additive application engineer, quality raw materials and final product manager in additive manufacturing, additive manufacturing activity promoter and product engineer Health & Bio.

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