BCN3D Sigma 3D printer helps BORN Motor to manufacture its motorcycle

Barcelona-based motorcycle company, BORN Motor Co., made use of BCN3D Sigma 3D printing technology to 3D print parts its customized and limited edition motorcycles.

It has become obvious on today’s market that customization is what the final user expects in order to feel concerned about a product.

Furthermore, conventional manufacturing methods produce one-off and short-run parts which are expensive and time-consuming.

That’s why in order to save time, BORN Moto needed to 3D print its complex motorbike parts and the amazing thing is that they produced atypical wheelers at a very low-cost.

BCN3D Sigma 3D printer

BCN3D’ 3D technology completes the ones of the Barcelona-based company: laser cutting, CNC milling, and handcrafting.

In addition to its unlimited design, the 3D printer enables the company to print using Nylon, PET-G, and ABS.

Although, it was possible to realize the whole manufacturing using 3D printing, BORN Motor only 3D printed internal and non-aesthetic components which required complex shapes.

The greatest news is that the use of 3D printing enabled BORN Motor to save about  2,000 euros ($2,380) for each motorcycle modified.

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