Carbon unveils its 3D printing material program for large manufacturers. The program offers some of its polymer resins via bulk packaging, which will enable a price reduction of about 40% for manufacturers.

RPU 70, a material to be offered

Carbon will firstly offer RPU (rigid polyurethane) 70 through bulk packaging. The company will firstly sell it for $150/liter (€127.21) taking into account that the current price is $250/liter (€212.02).  

Carbon will work with its network of global supply chain partners in order to develop this new approach of distributing resins to a fleet of printers. The company’s goal is to reduce the price to less than $100/liter (€84.8) over the next year in order to enhance the market for 3D manufactured parts.

This production volume materials approach will allow us to ensure that our partners like adidas, which will be printing thousands or millions of parts, can do so economically compared to other manufacturing methods such as injection molding,” said Dr. Joseph M. DeSimone, Carbon CEO and Co-founder. “No other 3D printing company has offered this because they do not have the combination of a complete system for 3D manufacturing combined with first class materials that enable additive manufacturing at scale. Carbon now does offer that complete package.”

The resin dispensing instrument


A key part of the bulk packaging is the resin dispensing instrument, MMD (meter mix and dispense), which is implemented in collaboration with Henkel Adhesive Technologies, a specialist for high-impact solutions in adhesives, sealants and functional coatings. Indeed the use of this accessory enables a dispensing of RPU 70 in bulk quantities.

“We’ve been watching Carbon for some time now, and, as a chemical company, we’re impressed with its innovations in materials as well as its surge into the consumer goods industry,” said Philipp Loosen, Global Head of 3D Printing, Henkel Adhesive Technologies. “We’re delighted to work with such a promising company to develop hardware and materials solutions to bring pioneering technologies like 3D printing to traditional manufacturing and support the expansion of these capabilities to a variety of markets and applications. This is the future.”

Last, partners such as The Technology House have already adopted the new MMD device. Other such as Ford and Adidas are also taking advantage of this offer to improve their additive manufacturing process.


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