With “Technology For Heathas leitmotiv, Canwell Medical, a China-based medical device manufacturer, has been supporting the use of required instruments in various medical fields.

With the goal of accelerating certification and serial production, the company recently signed a strategic partnership with SLM Solutions which will provide it with its technical and application assistance, as well as research and development expertise.

We feel proud to win the trust of Canwell Medical. SLM Solutions is the pioneer and leader of Selective Laser Melting technology and medical is an important application field. Our global experience accumulation and innovation will help us to further develop China’s medical field” said Jerry Ma, General Manager of SLM Solutions Asia Pacific. “The cooperation with innovative enterprises like Canwell Medical will effectively promote the two-way development of 3D printing technology in the breadth and depth of the medical industry”, Ma explained.

SLM Solutions technology is best known for its various applications in the aerospace industry but the company’s metal additive manufacturing technology is also a particular fit for medical applications such as acetabular cups and intervertebral fusion cages.

The German company explored several initiatives on these products. These initiatives include for instance, continuous updates on 60-micron (µm) process parameters for titanium alloy to print the acetabular cup, and the development of 60-micron (µm) process parameters for cobalt-chromium alloy in joint-applications.

Indeed, whatever the operation is, SLM Solutions AM machines allow for maximum safety. The main features of the technology (closed-loop powder handling, advanced and proven multi-laser technology, bi-directional recoating and an optimized and upgraded gas flow) enable the operator to achieve desired efficiency in its 3D Printing process.

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