Bossard’s entrance in the 3D Printing industry

Image via Bossard

The Bossard Group’s entrance into the world of 3D printing comes to no surprise as it understands that this market is all about the transformation of technology and its continuous innovations that are currently shaping our world today.

Bossard makes this entrance with its subsidiary company KVT-Fastening. Bossard is expected to exhibit three different prototypes at the Additive Manufactuaring Expo, which will take place in Lucerne from March 6th to 7th this year 2018: the three exhibited devices are to be used for professional purposes, for instance; product development, product design, architecture and other complex creations that involve functional integration.

For those who have not heard of The Bossard Group, they are an international company known for their logistics systems and application engineering. The company will be combining its technical services with the services of the other companies to expand their 3D printers’ line. The Bossard Group will also take part in consulting customers in regards to designing parts for 3D printing.

The Bossard Group has partnered up with companies within the Swiss market which include TUMPF, German RepRap and Henkel. The TRUMPF Group develops machines for industrial

Image via Bossard


In regards to 3D printing, the company offers laser metal fusion and laser metal deposition. German RepRap has been evolving within the field of fused filament fabrication (FFF) thanks to the use of 3D printers since 2013. FFF is a procedure that is mostly used for the 3D printing method because of its reasonable investment costs.

 German RepRap also makes use of the 3D printing for product development, architecture and design.

Last, the use of stereolithography is an interest within The Bossard Group as it allows the printing of objects with fine layers that must be indistinguishable from other layers, and thus its partnership with Henkel will be advantageous as they will have access to its Loctite PR10 DLP printer and its synthetic resins for 3D printing.

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